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Organic cosmetic, Rootree, Whitening Mist

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  • Material100% of Organic certificated ingredients
  • Payment TermsT/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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Rootree Camphorganic Whitening Facial Mist



[Product Description]

Product Name: rootree Camphorganic Whitening Facial Mist

Manufacturer: ColorpinkR&D co., Ltd.

Distributor : kt cs

Origin: South of Korea

Retail Price(USD): 39

Quantity: 100ml


[The feature of Whitening Facial Mist]

100% of Organic certificated ingredients

This is the 100% organic whitening functional mist with Vitamin C derivative. The high-enriched organic water which is formulated with the strictly certified organic ingredients fills your inner skin with rich moisture. As is has AA2G, the functional ingredients, which makes skin bright and transparent, it cares darkened skin to be bright and dazzle, Also, it contains the organic essential oil, ilang ilang, so it helps not only the skin but also the mind and body calm and stable.


*AA2G is a Vitamin C derivative safe to skin, which has a dermatologic function of Vitamin C. Based on the stabilized technology, it cares your skin tone to be bright by delivering the effects of Vitamin C to your skin intactly.



[Usage of Mobitherapy Whitening Facial Mist]

With closing eyes and keeping distance 30cm away from your face, spray it to the face and tab the skin lightly to help absorb.



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Organic cosmetic_ Rootree_  Whitening Mist

Organic cosmetic_ Rootree_  Whitening Mist