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Rootree Tree Therapy Facial Mask Lifting Care, Organic

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  • South Korea South Korea
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[Product Description]

Product Name: rootree Tree Therapy Facial Mask Lifting Care

Manufacturer: ColorpinkR&D co., Ltd.

Distributor : kt cs

Origin: South of Korea

Retail Price(USD): 3

Quantity: 27g


[The feature of Tree Therapy Facial Mask Lifting Care]

Moisturizing / pore care function

Anti-wrinkle care / Improving skin elasticity



This Facial Mask has excellent adhesion, which contains dendropanax tree as known as Korean empress’ gift and edelweiss callus’ cultivated extract which supply nutrients and water into deep skin. By chosen cellulose ‘Breathing Sheet’, it helps emitting heat from skin and gives healthy energy to exhausted skin, improving anti-wrinkle care and skin’s elasticity, rich nutrition.



[Usage of Tree Therapy Facial Mask Hydrating Care]

After cleansing and toning your skin, place the mask over your face. Relax for 10-20 minutes. Then lift off the mask. After lifting off, gently pat remaining essence into skin.




 Rootree is the organic cosmetic Co-developed by ktcs and Colorpink R&D Inc.

The Purest Natural cosmetic for women in this whole world.

This is the natural cosmetic brand which has been co-developed by ktcs, the subsidiary of KT, and Colorpink R&D Inc. rootree is consisted of organic line made of 100% organic products and Natural line which have functional effects. Measured up to the global standard of organic cosmetics, rootrees products have been manufactured by the eco-friendly method using the ingredients grown by organic farming.

[Brand Introduction]

rootree is the pioneer of organic health and beauty.

The benefit of tree that heals every one (tree)+ The brand philosophy to sending this message truly (root) = Tree with deep roots(rootree)

You are more precious when you feel the benefit of tree than when you just know it.

We bring the intact nutrients from root and leaf to your skin.



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Rootree Tree Therapy Facial Mask Lifting Care_ Organic

Rootree Tree Therapy Facial Mask Lifting Care_ Organic